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Chronology of Events                 Fr.Johnson Punchakonam
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"
Adam(930 years) to Noah
c. 9000 B.C:The development of agriculture began with the growing of crops and the domestication of animals in the Middle East.
c. 3500 B.C:A number of small cities, centres of world's first civilization, appeared Sumer, the lower part of the Tigris-Valley.
c. 3500 B.C:The Sumerians invented the first form writing. It was later simplified to wedge-shaped cuneiform writing, spread throughout the Middle East.
c. 3100 B.C:King Menes of Upper Egypt united Lower Upper Egypt.
c. 2500 B.C:The Indus Valley civilization began to in the cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa what is now Pakistan.
c. 2500-1100 B.C The Minoan civilization on the island of rose and fell.
B.C 2300's: Sargon of Akkad conquered the Sumerians united all Mesopotamia under his rule creating the world's first empire.
2166:Birth of Abram
2091:Abram goes to Egypt(canan)
2066:Birth of Issac
2006:Birth of Esau and Jacob
2000's B.C: The kingdom of Ebla rose and fell in Syria.
2000-1800:Book of Job was written by Job,42 Chapters,1070 words
1991:Death of Abraham
1929:Jacob left Beersheba and set out for Haran
1915:Birth of Joseph the dreamer
1898:Joseph sold into slavery
1885:Joseph is made ruler over Egypt
1859:Death of Jacob
1805:Death of Joseph
c. 1792-1750 B.C: Babylonia flourished under King Hammurabi.
1700's B.C:The Shang dynasty began its rule in the He Valley of China.
c. 1500-1100 B.C: The city of Mycenae was the leading and cultural centre on the Greek mainland.
c. 1595 B.C: The Hittites, a warlike people from what is central Turkey, conquered the Babylonians.
1526:Birth of Moses
c. 1500-1000 B.C. The Aryans of central Asia went to India.
1480-1410:First five Books of Moses was written
1450-1410:Book of Genesis was written by Moses,50 Chapters,1533 words
1450-1405:Book of Exodus was written by Moses,40 Chapters,1213 words
1445-1405:Book of Leviticus was written by Moses,27 Chapters,859 words
1445-1405:Book of Numbers was written by Moses,36 Chapters,1288 words
---:Book of Joshua was written by Joshua,24 Chapters,658 words
1446:Isreal leaves Egypt
1445:The Ten Commandments
1444:Isreal camps at Sinai
1444:First census
1443:First spy work
1440-586:Book of Psalms was written by David=73,Aasaf=12,Sons of Koreh=12,Solomon=2,Heman=1,Eathan=1 & Moses=1,Un known=48,Total=150+1 Chapters,2461 words
1407-1406:Book of Deuteronomy was written by Moses,34 Chapters,959 words
1407:Second census and Prophy of Balac
1406:Isreal Arrives in Canan
1406:Death of Moses
1390:Death of Joshua
1380-1045:Rule of Judges begins and they ruled 365 years
1375-1350:Book of Ruth was written by ---,4 Chapters,85 words
---:Book of I Samuel was written by Samuel(Nathan,Gath),31 Chapters,810 words
---:Book of I Samuel was written by Samuel(Nathan,Gath),24 Chapters,695 words
1367:Othniel,the first Judge
1360:Death of Joshua
1209-1169:Deborah the woman Judge
1105:Birth of Samuel
1080:Birth of Saul
1075-1055:Samsons rule
1050:Saul made King
1050:Book of Judges was written by Samuel,21 Chapters,618 words
1040:Birth of David
1025:David killed Goliath
1010:David is made King of Judah
1010:Death of Saul
1003:David is made King of Isreal
1000:Book of Proverbs was written by Solomon(Agoor,Lemuel),31 Chapters,915 words
1000:David captures Jerusalem
991:Birth of Solomon
997:David captures Rabbah
980:David counts his Army
970:David makes Solomon King
966-959:Solomon builds the Temple
965:Book of Song of Songs was written by Solomon,8 Chapters,117 words
935:Book of Nehemiah was written
931:Book of Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon,12 Chapters,222 words
930:Death of Solomon
930:Kingdom of Isreal divided as Judah and Israel
910:Asa King of Judah and Nadab King of Israel
875;Elijah started Prophsy
874:Ahab King of Isreal
872:Jehoshaphat King of Judah
857:Ben Hadad capterus Samaria
853:Death of Ahab
848:Elijah is taken to Heaven and Elisha started Prophsy
841:Jehu King of Israel
835:yovash King of Judah
814:Jehoahaz King of Israel
798:Jehoash King of Israel and death of Joel
797:Death of Elisha
792-749:Usiyavu King of Judah
793:Jonah started Prophasy
793-749:Yerobaham II King of Isreal
760:Amos started Prophasy
753:Hosea started Prophsy
750-735:Yodham King of Judah
742:Mica started Prophsy
740-680:Book of Isaih was written by Isaih,66 Chapters,1292 words
740:Isaiah started Prophsy
735:Ahaz King of Judah
722:Assieria conquered Isreal
715:Death of Hosea
715:Hiskiavu King of Judah
710:Book of Hosea was written
700-681:Book of Isaiah was written
697:Manasseh King of Judah
681:Death of Isaiah
663:Nahum started Prophsy
640:Josiah King of Judah and Zephaniah started Prophasy
630-600:Book of I King was written by Jeremiah,22 Chapters,816 words
627-586:Book of Jeremiah was written
627:Jeremiah started Prophasy
622:Laws are seen in Jeruselem
612:Babilon distroyed Nineve
609:Kingdom of Asseria distroyed
586:City of Jeruselem distroyed
586:Book of Lementations was written
580:Book of II King was written by Jeremiah,25 Chapters,719 words
571:Book of Ezekiel was written
539:Koresh conquered Babilon
539-333:Isreal under Persian rule
538-457:Book of Esra was written
536:Rebuilding the Temple
533:Daniel's vision
522:Dhariyavesh King of Persia
516:Zechariah Completed the Work of Temple
509:Formation of Roman Republic
486:Ahaswaresh King of Persia
483-471:Book of Esther was written by Mordecai,10 Chapters,167 words
479:Esther is made queen
475:Haman became Prime minister
473:First "Purim"festival
465:Arthahshastavu King of Persia
458-430:Book of I Chronicles was written by Esra(Tradition of Yehuda),29 Chapters,942 words
458-430:Book of II Chronicles was written by Esra(Tradition of Yehuda),36 Chapters,822 words
450:Book of Esra was written by Esra(Tradition of Yehuda),10 Chapters,280 words
445-432:Book of Nehemiah was written by Nehemiah,13 Chapters,406 words
430:Malachi started his works and Chronicle was written
300:Arthasastra of Kaudalya
336-323:Period of Alexander the Grate
320-198:Palastene under Ptolomy's rule
272-232:Rule of Ashoka
167 Dec:Antiochus Eppiphanus uncleaned the Church
104-103:Aristobulus rule in Judaya
63:Palasteen under Rome
37:Rule of Herod
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