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Formation of Diocese 

The Malankara Orthodox Church has 20 Diocese in Kerala , 7 Diocese out side Kerala and 3 Diocese out side India. First formation of Diocese for The Malankara Orthodox Church was in 1876 after the Mulanthuruthy Synod. Then H.H Patriarch Mar Peeter III devided the malankara Church in to 7 Diocese for the first time, Ankamaly, Cochin, Kandanad, Kottayam, Niranam, Thumpamon and Quilon. H.H Patriarch Mar Peter III ordained 7 Bishops including Mar Dionysios V and put each Diocese under one Bishop. In 1953 Malabar Diocese was formed.

Reorganisation of 1976

In the beginning for Out-side Kerala, there were only one diocese which was formed in 1938 by the name, "The mission out-side Malabar" or later known as the "Diocese for out-side Kerala". The Diocesional changes made in 1976 were in the Catholicos's order No.58/76 dated March 27 1976 and were approved earlier by the Managing Committee on May 12,1975 and the Episcopal Synod on March 22 1976.They were:
1.The outside Kerala Diocese was divided in to three namely Bombay Madras and Delhi dioceses.
2.Malabar diocese was enlarged adding certain areas of Tamilnadu

The new Metropolitans were also assigned new dioceses, viz
1.Mar Osthathios was assigned Niranam diocese
2.Mar Pachomios was appointed as Assistant Metropolitan of Kottayam Diocese. He will also assist the Catholicos in the administration of Kandanad diocese.

Reorganisation of 1979 and 1982

The Managing Committee at its meeting held on October 30,1978 decided to reorganise further the three outside Kerala diocese in to five and also the Kollam Diocese. The newly formed diocese were America, Calcutta and Trivandrum.In 1979 Trivandrum Diocese was formed by dividing Kollam Diocese. In 1982 Idukki Diocese was formed by taking out high range areas from Kottayam Diocese. In the same year Kottayam central Diocese was formed grouping all Churches which were under the direct control of Malankara Metropolitan in Kottayam.

Reorganisation of 1985

In 1985 Chengannoor Diocese was formed by grouping 50 Churches out of Thumpamon, Niranam and Kollam Diocese. In the same year Kunnamkulam Diocese was formed by dividing Cochin Diocese. In the same year, Sultan Bethery Diocese was formed by grouping Churches from Vayanadu, Canannore,Coorg and Nilgiries from the Malabar Diocese. In 1993 August 1,Canada-UK-Europe Diocese was formed by grouping 8 Churches from Delhi diocese and 8 Churches from America Diocese. With the these inclusions the Church constituted of 21 dioceses.

Reorganization of 2002

In 2002 Mavelikara Diocese was formed by grouping 50 Churches out of Thumpamon, Niranam and Kollam Diocese. In the same year Trichure Diocese was formed by dividing Cochin and Kunnamkulam Diocese. In the same year, Ankamali Diocese was divided in to Ankamali East and Ankamali west and the Kandanadu Diocese was divided in to Kandanadu East and Kandanadu west. With the these inclusions the Church constituted of 25 dioceses.

Reorganization of 2009

In 2009 South West American Diocese was formed by grouping 40 Parishes from American Diocese and a new Diocese of UK, Canada, Africa was formed with 16 Parishes. Banglore and Ahamadabad diocese also formed in 2009

The Holy Episcopal Synod approved the recommendation of the managing committee regarding the allotment and transfer of Metropolitans. The recommendation is as follows.
1. H.G. Kuriakose Mar Clemis Metropolitan: Sulthan Battery to Thumpamon Diocese
2. H.G. Zachariah Mar Anthonious Metropolitan: Kochi to Kollam
3. H.G. Dr. Yakob Mar Irenaios Metropolitan: Madras to Kochi

New Allotment:
1. H.G. Yuhanon Mar Polycarpos Metropolitan : Angamaly
2. H.G. Mathews Mar Theodosious Metropolitan: Idukky
3. H.G. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysious Metropolitan, Diocese of Calcutta
4. H.G. Abraham Mar Ephiphanios Metropolitan, Diocese of Sulthan Battery
5. H.G. Mathews Mar Themothios Metropolitan, Diocese of UK, Canada, Africa
6. H.G. Alexios Mar Eusebius Metropolitan, Diocese of America South West
7. H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Dioscorous Metropolitan, Diocese of Madras

Reorganization of 2010

In 2010 August 15 Brahmavaar, Adoor, Kottarakara Diocese were formed. H G Zacharia Mar Nicholavas is appointed as the Metropolitan of North Ease American Diocese

  1. H.G. Yuhanon Mar Dimithrios Metropolitan of  Delhi Diocese
  2. H.G. Yacob Mar Elias Metropolitan of Brahmavar Diocese
  3. H.G. Abraham Mar Thevodorus Metropolitan of Kotarakara Diocese
  4. H.G. Joshua Mar Nichodemos Metropolitan of Nilackal Diocese
  5. H.G. Zacharias Mar Aprem Metropolitan of Adoor Diocese
  6. H.G. Geevarghese Mar Yulios Metropolitan of  Ahamadabad Diocese 
  7. H.G. Abraham Mar Seraphim Metropolitan of Bangalore Diocese

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