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This is a spiritual organization functioning in all the parishes of the Orthodox Church throughout the world. It takes care of the spiritual nurturing of the children, by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ and His Church. The classes are conducted in Malayalam for the children in Kerala and for others in English. It has a separate wing for the outer Kerala region.
The classes range from Pre-primary classes to the 12th class. As in secular schools, class ten concludes the secondary level and a certificate is awarded –Sunday School final Certificate (SSFC) to the successful candidates. Higher Secondary course is for another tow years.
We follow a curriculum, jointly prepared and published by the Oriental Orthodox Churches which is revised from time to time.
The vacation Bible School conducted during the mid summer holidays (OVBS) is a very vibrant wing of the O.S.S.A.E. we publish separate text books, devotional materials, song books and cassettes for the OVBS every year. 
Orthodox Syrian Sunday School Association of the East This is a spiritual organization functioning in all the parishes of the church throughout the world. It takes care of the spiritual nurturing of the children by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ and His Church.
His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Didymus 1st Catholicos of the East
H. G. Dr Yacob Mar Iraneus.
DIRECTOR GENERAL                   
Rev. Fr. Dr. O. Thomas
PUBLICATION OFFICER                   
Rev. Fr. K.V.Thomas.
Sri. Santhosh Baby A. K.
Head Quarters
The headquarters of O.S.S.A.E is located in the complex of the Devalokom Catholicate Aramana, Kottayam.
Devalokam  P.O Kottayam 38. South India.
PHONE 0481  2572890
visit us at http://www.ossae.org
Office Manager   Mr Cherian Mathew
( [email protected])
Office Staff
Mr. Chady Samuel. (Babu)          Accountant   
Mr .Sunil P Korah              
Mr. Benny M  C                             
Mr. Thomas C V    
Mr. Reghukumar  M P                 
Mrs. Marykutty Joseph
O.V.B.S - The Orthodox  Vacation  Bible School 
Conducted during the midsummer holidays is a very vibrant wing of the OSSAE
Director:-    Rev. Fr. John Mathews 
Secretary:-  Prof. Cherian Thomas
Outside Kerala Region of O S S A E (OKR )
St Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary,
Ubali Road, Brahmani P.O Kalmeshwar, 447501,Nagpur, Maharashtra
PHONE 071118-271696,   271994
[email protected]
H.G. Dr. Yakob Mar Iraneus 
Rev. Fr. Dr. Geevarghese K (Reji K.)
Rev. Fr. Dr Shaji P John
Bala Balika Samajam
The Malankara Orthodox Church Balika – Bala Samajam, constituted in each and every parishes of the Malankara Orthodox Church has the objective of inculcating the ideals of worship, study and wholesome living among all the boys and girls inside the Church.
Through this programme, an all round development of personality of the children is accomplished as they are encouraged to study the Holy Bible, the tradition and history of the Church along with their academic studies. The life history of Saints of the church presented before them develops in them a spiritual and moral life aiming the service for the society.
The Samajam through its activities encourages the children to participate regularly in the Sunday Schools and Church services. Every child between the age of 5 and 15 years are supposed to be its members. 
The Samajam is led in the central level by a Metropolitan as its President and Priests as its Vice-president and General Secretary. The Joint-secretaries are represented by a boy and girl each from its members. Each parish has its own unit led by the Priest as the President.
Annual meets, annual camps, Bible study classes, competitions in various subjects, pilgrimages, tours, humanitarian services and educational counseling can arranged at the Central, Diocesan and parish levels. At the parish level at least once in a month , the Samajams can meet and arrange songs, bible reading, talks, worship and choir practice, reading relating to ideal biographic and science, retreat, regular participation in the Eucharist, various lecture sessions (religious and materialistic), debates on the promotion of health and humanitarian activities.
The fund for the Samajam mainly comprises the financial contributions, grants, financial assistance received from the various parishes by the Samajam. The money thus collected will have to be deposited in the joint account of the Treasurer and President at the central parish and bishopric levels. This can be spent only as per the direction of the committee.
Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam
(Women's Wing of Orthodox Church of India) 
 A Brief History
St Mary's Orthodox women's League of India ( Marth Mariam Samajam Is the Women's wing of the Malankara Orthodox Church of India. It is one of the major spiritual organization of the church combining all the female members. It is spread throughout the world in all the 24 Dioceses and functioning in all parishes of the church.
The organization was founded in 1920 aimed at the spiritual progress of women. The founders named it "Marth Mariam Samajam"after the Blessed Virgin Mary whom they accepted as their interceding saint. It was started under the patronage of the Late Very Rev. M.C.Kuriakose Ramban and with the leadership of K.M Annamma. and co-workers.
There is a central committee with all the 24 Dioceses of the church. The Diocesan Metropolitan is the President of diocesan committee and the vicars that of the branches. Each Diocesan Samajam has a secretary, elected from the committee members who in their turn represents the group or districts into which each diocese is subdivided. The Group secretaries encourage the branch samajams and make members ever more loyal to the faith and practices of the church. The diocesan and the organizing secretaries are expected to visit the branches at times.. Retreats, Bible Classes, Competitions etc are held both on Diocese and Parish levels.
There is a Leadership Training Camp held annually for 5 days during summer holidays. The Annual Conference is held in May. Annual examinations are conducted based on prescribed text books of church faith, Bible portions and liturgical hymns
Present concerns and Future Prospects 
Preparing women to have theological training. Hundreds of women are now undergoing the Divyyabodhanam course of the Orthodox Seminary, Kottayarn
Preparing Church Choir- Mistresses. The samajam is now co-operating with Sruthi the School of liturgical music of the Orthodox Seminary Kottayarn.
Training women to have social awareness, participation in political activities., Decision-making at every level. 
Concientization program for women who are generally denied basic human hood in the family.
Attempts to find out women's potentials to a greater extent.
Training women to conduct We~t prayer groups, to lead prayer, Bible classes, fellowship meetings and to preach the gospel.
Preparing cell to solve the problems of working women.
Seek solidarity with women's action groups on local and national level .Encouraging more participation in ecumenical gatherings.
To enhance spiritual practices observing lent, and other religious practices, bringing up children etc
Attempts to find out more Sunday school teachers with a commitment to Christ.
We are continuing the struggle against dowry system and other social evils and To persuade the authorities that woman should be provided with equal opportunities and recognition.
Also efforts are done to get participation for women in the administration of the church-membership in Parish committee, Managing committee, working Committee. Advisory committee etc
The Samajam was in the fore-front of the struggle to achieve equal ancestral property right for Christian women of Karalla.
Besides the central administrative office at Kottayam, almost all the Dioceses have their own headquarters and conference centers. There are vocational guidance centers, Nursery schools and self-employment projects.
Recently many changes occurred in the life of the Church with the humble persuasion. of this Samajam. During Baptism, the Girls are also permitted to enter the sanctuary and kiss the alter. The tradition that only boys are baptized just after the feast of Epipany is now changed. Females are allowed to read the Bible during liturgy. Nuns are allowed to serve at the alter during the worship services and Holy Liturgy in the convents. Women are now elected as members and office - bearers in the administration in some churches.
Head Quarters 
M V S Central Office
Kanjikuzhy, Kottayam 4
Karalla State, India
Phone:            0481-2571840      
11 H Baselius Mar Thoma Didmos I
Catholicate Palace,
Devalokam, Kottaymn. 686 038
Phone: - 0481-257/840
H G Dr Zachariah Mar Theophilus
Mount Hennon, N I T C Po
Kozhikode 673 601
Phone 0495 22872278
Vice President 
Rev Fr John Sankarathil
Catholicate Press
Devalokam, Kottayam 38
Phone: -0481-25 82518
General Secretary
Mrs. Accamma Paul
Cherukole P 0
Mavelikara 690 104
Phone             0479 2303352      
Mob-             9447820101      
Mrs. Kuttyamma Mathew
Puthupally Maliyil
S H Mount P O
Phone-             0481-2563380      
Office Secretary 
Mrs. Molly Varughese
MVS Central Office
Kottayarn – 4 
The Orthodox Christian Youth Movement
The Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM), the Youth-wing of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Chruch is in its 71st year of active leadership and Christian witness in the Church and society. It contributes to the goodness and progress of the Church and community in the three-fold path of worship, study and service. It aims at moulding the minds and visions of the youth against the background of the contemporary issues.
Movement through the years (Historical Survey)
Looking back, we see the seeds of the Youth Movement planted by the visionary leaders of the church during the latter half of the nineteeth century. A spiritual organisation with the name Yuvajana Sangam was working effectively in various places and parishes along with other organisations like Sunday school, suvishesha sangam etc. They helped a lot to anchor the mother church safely in the storm created by the renewal group.
It was in the year 1933 that the attempts to bring together the local youth fellowships and to start a parish–centred syrian Yuvajana Sangam, (youth league) was materialised with the active leadership of Joseph Mar Severios Valakuzhyil Episcopa (President) and Rev Fr TS Abraham (secretery).
The historic canference in 1936 held at Mavelikara broadened the vision of the Yuvajana Sangam and the Sangam was established as the official wing of the Church with Metropolitan Geevarghese Mar Philexinos (Puthenkavil Kochu Thirumeni) as president and Clery P E Daniel (Later Daniel Mar Philerinos) as general secretary.
The year 1958 was decisive for the youth in the sense that the annual canference held in Puthupally officially accepted the title ‘The Orthodox christian yanth movement’  and initiatives were taken to start a monthly publication with the title Orthodox Youth (now published with the title Orthodox Yuvajanam). The Movement continues its spiritual journey with broader visions and effective Christian youth leadership.
The Movement has ever been blessed with the visionary leaders who have nurtured and nourished the movement against the challenges of the time.
Bishop Presidents 
iv)    H G Mathews Mar Coorilos (H H  Mathews II)
v)    H G Daniel Mar Philexinos 
vi)    H G Thomas Mar Thimotheos (H H Didymos I)
vii)    H G Ghevarghees Mar Osthathios
viii)    H G Poulose Mar Milithiose 
ix)    H G Yakoob Mar Iranius
x)    H G Yuhanon Mar Meletius (present)
General Secretaries.
1.    .P E Daniel Clery (H G Mar Phlexinos) 1937-1947
2.    Mr.TC Oommen (1948-50)
3.    Rev  Dr K.C.Oommen (Theophoros  Ramban) (1948-50)
4.    Rev Dr T G. John (1958-60)
5.    Rev Dr T J. Joshua (1961-66)
6.    Rev Dr TM. Varghese(1966-68)
7.    Rev Fr  Kurampil (1968-71)
8.    Mr M Kuriakose, Kottayam (1971-76)
9.    K M Mathew, Thiruvalla (1976-79)
10.    Rev Dr Mathew Vaidyan (1979-81)
11.    Rev Dr O Thomas (1981-90)
12.    Rev.Fr.Kurien Daniel(1990-93)
13.    Rev Fr.Jobson Kottapurathu (1993-96)
14.    Rev.Fr M D John (1996-2001)
15.    Rev Fr K Y Wilson (2001-2004)
16.    Rev Fr Varghese Varghese (2004-2007)
17.    Rev.Fr Spencer Koshy (2007 onwards)
Vice Presidents 
1.    Rev Fr M V George (H G Mar Osthathios)
2.    Rev Fr P V Joseph (H G Mar Pachomios)
3.    Rev Fr A T Gabriel
4.    Rev Fr Joseph Vendarappally
5.    Rev Fr Alex Kurampil
6.    Rev Fr K T Mathewkutty 
7.    Rev Fr K T Varghese
8.    Rev Fr E M Philip
9.    Rev K V Paul
10.    Rev Fr Mathew Varghese
11.    Rev Fr Johnson Kallittathil
12.    Rev Fr Ninan P Kuriakose
13.    Rev Fr Koshy John (present)
1.    Mr. George Varghese
2.    Mr. C George, Thumapamon
3.    Prof. D.Mathew, Thumpamon
4.    Prof Abraham Thalavady, Thiruvalla
5.    Mr. K M Mathew, Thiruvalla
6.    Mr. T T Kuriakose, Kottayam
7.    Mr. P T Pathrose, Thumpamon
8.    Mr. K K Kuruvilla, Kottayam
9.    Mr. M Yohannan, Niranam
10.    Mr. A M Philip, Thumpamon
11.    Mr. Joseph Joseph, Kottayam
12.    Mr.T C Babukutty, Kollam
13.    Mr. Mathew G Manoj, Chengannoor
14.    Mr. Biju V Panthaplave, Kollam
15.    Mr. Oommen John, Mavelikkara (Present)
Programmes of the Movement
1.    Youth Empowerment
•    Means to identify the power and potentialities of the youth.
•    Channelizing their strength towards peaceful purposes in the contemporary church and social scenario.
•    Leading the youth to the main streams of the church and society at large.
•    Addressing the present day issues more meaningfully through seminar, workshops, discussions and conferences.
•    Activating talent development and guidance cells.
2.    Proclamation of the Essence of the Living Word (Vachanatmaghosham)
3.    Workshops and Handbook on Annual Theme
•    Conducting Workshops on the annual theme ‘perspectives of outliving’
•    Publishing a handbook on the theme.
•    Making the youth aware of the contemporary issues.
•    Enabling the youth to respond to the social issues.
4.    Immigrant Cell
The formation of an emigrant cell is envisaged with a view to provide the expatriates and the job-seekers abroad with a help-desk and information centre. The cell will handle the problems of our people who are working outside Kerala , especially in Gulf countries. And also will give guidance and directions to the young people who are going outside for studies and employment. Mr .Vivyan Thomas (            9447036550      ) and Mr.Renji Koshy  (            9446509170      ) will be in charge of the pravasi cell. People who need help in connection with certificate attestation, visa problems, immigration clearance etc may contact in the above numbers.
5.    Seek your Brethren (In search of Brothers) [Sahodarangale Thedi]
It is alarming that thousands of our youth who work abroad especially in Gulf countries do not regularly attend the church services or engage in parish activities. Their personal and financial problems may be hurdles in establishing public contacts. But if they come to the main stream of parish life many of their problems can be shared and solved. Such people, especially the youth gradually gets deviated to other renewal groups. 
The gulf region has proposed a project titled “Sahodarangale Thedi” (In search of brethren) to collect the details of the youth working in Gulf regions. The local Parishes in Kerala are expected to collect the details of the persons abroad and send the same to the central office.
6.    Parumala Symposium 
A Symposium on the spiritual life and social commitment of St.Gregorious of Parumala is to be held in Parumala in November.
7.    Yuva Sangamam in Mount Horeb
A Youth Meet has been scheduled to be arranged at Mount Horeb to commemorate H.H Baselious Mathews II.
8.    Youth Week
A week during Onam has been observed every year as Youth Week with variety of programmes, training sessions, house visits, cleaning, arts and sports festivals etc. are some among them.
9.    Environment Day
The Church has declared August 26th as environmental day. Ecological seminars and awareness programmes will be arranged by the local youth movement units to observe the day. Eco friendly parishes should be made by planting trees in the premises.
10.    Career guidance sessions
To take the youth to the vast realms of career opportunities and to give trainings to achieve the skills, career guidance sessions are arranged in various places.
11.    Vachanatma Ghosham – Visual media programme.
In the world of media explosions, the movement must stand up to the standard a visual gospel programme is being planned to broadcast on various TV channels.
12.    International Vision
•    Broadening the horizon of the activities to envisage international views
•    Forming registered units in all Parishes in India and abroad.
•    Networking the programmes and preparing common agenda.
•    Assuring the participation of the whole Youth of the Church both young men and women in India and abroad.
13.    Publications
•    Orthodox Yuvajanam – the official monthly of the movement reflecting the life of the Church, social concerns and activities of the movement at various levels.
•    Parumala Punyavan – the video documentary of the historic life and mission of St.Gregorious of Parumala.
•    Occasional and timely bulletin, pamphlets, circular and brochures.
14.    Financial Assistance to the needy
Providing financial help to the needy viz. sick, educational, housing, and self employment aids. Dubai scholarships and Kuwait St.Gregorious Scholarships are two among them.
Office Bearers
HH Baselious Marthoma Didimos I.
HG Dr. Yoohanon Mar Milithios.
Vice President
Rev. Fr. Jacob M. Chandrathil
General Secretary
Rev. Fr. Stephen Varghese
Sri. Oommen John
Executive Committee Members
Rev. Fr. Biju Mathew
Mr. G.Samkutty, Trivandrum
Mr. Ajesh TP, Idukky
Mr. Saji Andrews, Malabar
Central Secretaries
Rev.Fr. Titus John
Mr. PK Thomas, Thumpamon
Mr.AK Joseph, Kottayam
Mr. Biju KY, Kandanad
Mr. Anu Joy, Chennai
Mr. Alex, Manappurathu, Niranam
Mr. Biju V  Panthaplavu (Yuvajanam Chief Editor)
Mr.John P George, Dubai (Gulf Region)
Diocesan Vice Presidents and General Secretaries
Rev. Fr. Jacob George (Vice President)
Mr. G.Samkutty (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Nelson John (Vice President)
Rev. Fr. John T Varghese (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Biju Mathew (Vice President)
Mr.P K Thomas (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Saji Amayil (Vice President)
Mr. Sibi Mathai (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Varghese Mathew (Vice President)
Mr. Saji Mamprakuzhiyil (General Secretary)
Rev.Fr. Alexander Vattakattu (Vice President)
Mr. Mathew G Manoj (General Secretary)
Kottayam central
Rev. Fr. Mohan Joseph (Vice President)
Mr. A K Joseph (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Thomas P Zacharia (Vice President)
Mr. Sam Varghese (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Valayil (Vice President)
Mr. Aji Varghese (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Simon Joseph (Vice President)
Mr. Johnson K Abraham (General Secretary)
Kandanadu (west)
Rev. Fr. Jacob Kurian (Vice President)
Rev. Fr. Robin Markose (General Secreatry)
Kandanadu (east)
Rev. Fr. Jose, Vettikuzhiyil (Vice President)
Mr. Reji M Jacob (General Secretary)
Angamaly (west)
Rev. Fr. P N Thomaskutty (Vice President)
Mr. Chikku Abraham (General Secretary)
Angamaly (east)
Rev.Fr. Eldo Eliyas (Vice President)
Rev.Fr. Stephen George (Vice President)
Mr.K P Poly (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Thomas Kurian (Vice President)
Mr.Saji Andrews (General Secretary)
Sulthan Batheri
Rev.Fr.Mathews Vazhakunnam (Vice President)
Mr.K V Shaji (General Secretary)
Rev. Fr. Joy Pulikottil (Vice President)
Mr. Deepu K Thomas (General Secretary)
Mr. Anu Joy (General Secretary0
Rev.Fr. M S Geevarghese (Vice President)
Mr. Varghese Mathew (General Secretary)
Rev.Fr. Shaji Mathews (Vice President)
Mr. Jiji K Ninan (General Secretary)
Gulf Region
Mr. John P George (Secretary)
Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement
Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) is the student wing of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The students and senior leaders of our church who were residing in Madras (Chennai), India in the early part of this century felt the need for an organization to bring together our students in various colleges and high schools with a view to deepening their spiritual life and to create in them a livelier sense of fellowship. So they founded the Syrian Student Conference in 1907 and first conference was convened on January 1st, 1908 at Tiruvalla, Kerala, India. Annual conferences have been a regular feature since that year. The Syrian student conference, the parent organization, assumed its present name MGOCSM in 1960. Ours is the oldest Christian student organization in India. Our motto is Worship - Service - Study.
MGOCSM have been maintaining inter-disciplinary contacts in the academic field for along time by the formation of its wings. There are college student's wing, high school student's wing, University teacher's association, School teacher's association, Medical Auxiliary, Technical Auxiliary, Missionary forum, Literary forum, Publication wing, and etc.
Our student centers at Kottayam, Trivandrum, Always stand as fitting monuments to the continuous and tireless efforts of the movement during the past years. The long cherished dream of other centers at Kothamangalam, Pampady, and Bangalore is also coming to life. Each student center provides hostel facilities in addition to chapel, auditorium, reading room and guest rooms.
MGOCSM Book shop and publishing house at Kottayam, India, continues to function purposefully. The movement publishes books relating to historical, patristic, and sacramental matters of the Church.
Above all, the greatest contribution the movement had made to the church is that, it has prepared and provided able and outstanding leaders for his/her service from time to time. In spite of the chaos in the academic world, the movement is going ahead with its dynamic programs seeking the intercession of our patron St: Gregorios of Parumala.
For more details please visit 
Prarthana Yogam
The All India Malankara Prayer Group has been constituted to monitor and streamline the prayer and reading habits of congregations in different prayer groups functioning in the various parishes under the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Christian Church.
The objective of this group is to ascertain the inculcation of firm faith, love of the church and brotherhood and bring about the spiritual, material and educational upliftment of the people.
A unit consists of 20-30 heads of families and grown-up men. However, the women and children of these families can participate in these meetings. Once in a week (preferably Sunday) the prayer meetings are conducted at a convenient time in different houses or in a common place of convenience.
Each unit has the vicar of the parish as the president and should have a secretary who should maintain the credit and debit account as well as the report. Once in three months, a common meeting as per the directions of the Vicar is to be convened with a general Secretary to oversee the conduct of the meeting.
In all the districts under a diocese, the missionaries and the secretaries nominated by the Metropolitan as well as the priest appointed by the metropolitan as the Vice-President have a three-year term in office. The organization of meeting in every diocese is the joint responsibility of the Secretary and the District Evangelist. 
There will be a Metropolitan recommended by the Holy Synod and appointed by His Holiness the Catholicos as the President and Hid Holiness Himself as the Patron for the committee, which has its head quarters in Kottayam. the central committee comprises the President and the Vice-President, General Secretary and Organizing Secretary all appointed by the President and a treasurer who is recommended by the General body and 3 other members nominated by the same body. The President also nominates three other members to the central committee. 
There is also a general body, which functions with the Vice presidents, secretaries, of every diocese and also two members nominated by the Metropolitans and 5 members nominated by the president. With the above arrangements, a bye-law was established in July 1987 and in February 1994 the Holy Synod brought about certain amendments thereof and started functioning.
The first President was His Grace Kuriakose Mar Clemis Metropolitan and Rev. Fr. P.V Varghese served as the General Secretary. Thereafter, fro, 2002, the Metropolitan of Chengannur, H G Thomas Mar Athanasios has been the President and Rev. Fr. Kuruvilla Mathew Vengazhil the General Secretary. In February 2007, the Holy Synod nominated the Metropolitan of Kandanad East HG Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios as the new President.
Present Office Beareres.
President: H.G. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan
General Secretary: Rev.Fr. Ebey Philip Ph:             04792487777       Mob:             9447265646      
Though the central committee attempted to register all units of the different parishes under every diocese are the central District Diocese level, it  could not be effected completely. 
It has been found very helpful the orientation classes that are being conducted by the central committee in various centres from students to face the examination. Intercessory prayers are also being conducted for them. When the school reopens, a class is regularly conducted in Parumala church apart from the intercessory prayers. Also during the pilgrimage weak preceding the Parumala Feast, under the aegis of the prayer group, intercessory prayers for various reasons and retreat are conducted. Due to lack of funds, charitable ser ice is not being implemented to the desired extent.
Various committees meet to finalize at the central committee level, the preparation and implementation of budget, accounts, report and the like and also to decide about the annual general body meeting and chalk out the various activities.
The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is proud of its worshipping heritage. It is through the worship that the faith, tradition, and practice of our fathers are transmitted down the generations. The West Syrian form of worship, language, and music was introduced to the Church in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and we continue to use these in our Church today. Unscientific method of singing has altered Syriac music from its original form. Liturgical music that was passed down through the generations was not through musical notations but through oral tradition. In addition, many Malpans (Teachers) added their own style of singing to their teachings, further increasing the number of variations. 
In the Syriac tradition, singers were ordained specifically for singing liturgical songs. Unfortunately, this was lost in the Malankara Church, and we have not been able to find an adequate solution to this day. However, some musically talented people in the parishes themselves provided the leadership that led to the foundation and establishment of the parish choirs in the form that we see today. Although the message that the quality of liturgical singing in our Church needs to be improved was conveyed as a result of their activities, their efforts were not fully successful. Also, such choirs were not given the necessary encouragement by the clergy and by the laity, However, there are no systematic rules for choir singing that are in force, Consequently, disharmony exists in the singing of liturgical songs, even at the individual parish level.
To rescue our worship from this disharmony and its potential long term effects, Sruti, School of Liturgical Music was established on Jan 9th, 1989, as a result of the foresight and vision of the late Metropolitan Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios, Principal of the Orthodox Seminary, with the approval of the Holy Episcopal Synod. The mandate of the Sruti School, among other things, is to systematize and improve Liturgical singing. Sruti has been making an earnest effort in this direction. In different parishes, the activities of those who have been trained at Sruti continue to bear more fruit.
In 1995, the Holy Episcopal Synod, presided by the late H.H.Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews 11, consented to the formation of "Malankara Orthodox Choir Association." Unfortunately, this association did not flourish.
The present Catholicos, H.H.Baselios Mar Thoma Didymus I seeks to bring a revival in this context. His Holiness has raised the M.O.C.A to the level of an organisation and placed it under the complete responsibility of Sruti School of Liturgical Music,and the Director of Sruti, has been appointed the central Director of the Association. Sruti is a part of the Orthodox Theological Seminary and the leadership given by the faculty facilitate the smooth functioning of its activities.
Purpose of Parish Choirs
1 Formation of well organized, systematically trained and centrally regulated/controlled choirs in all parishes of the church. 
2 To make arrangements for organised choir singing/to facilitate organised choir singing in all parishes of the church.
3 To systematize and invigorate liturgical singing in the church and to make it more spiritually enriching,musical and euphonious.
4 To ensure the leadership of the clergy and the participation of the laity in the worship of the church.
5 To develop/evolve appropriates styles of worship or music for various sacraments and ceremonies, and at the same time preserve and pass on to the younger generation the (liturgical) musical heritage and tradition of the church.
6 To encourage the recording of new developments in melodies that are appropriate for the Indian culture.
Choirs, which are not formed under the auspicious of parishes, but by individuals and run on a professional basis are designated private choirs.
1      To bring all such professional choirs in the Church under the guidance of sruti.
2.    To revive the liturgical singing in our church making it more systematic and spiritually enriching.
3.    To establish a common code of functioning for choir-singing in our church.
1     Members of the church desiring to form a choir should submit the application for registration to Sruti with the recommendation of the vicar of the parish.
2.    Application in the prescribed form with the recommendation of the vicar accompanied by a registration fee of Rs.250 should be sent to the Director, Orthodox Church Choir, Sruti, Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam- 686 001, Kerala, India.
3.    Temporary registration will be granted to the choirs in the order in which applications are received in Sruti. After evaluating the performance of the choir those found suitable, will be granted permanent registration. After obtaining permanent registration, the choirs shall send annual reports and an annual fee of Rs. 100 to the centre every year.
Office Bearers
Patron:  H.H.Baselios MarThoma Dydimus I 
President - HG Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan (Chengannur)
Director - Rev. Fr.M.P.George      
Vice President - Rev. Fr. M. C. George
Gen Secretary - Rev. Fr. Blessen Varghese
Jt.Secretary - Rev. Fr. Tiju Thomas
Treasurer - Sri P Thomas
Co-ordinator- Rev. Fr. Abraham Koshy
Orthodox Sabha Gayak Sangham,
Orthodox Seminary,
Kottaya - 686 001, Kerala,
Phone-             91 481 2585384      
e-mail - [email protected]
The St.Thomas Orthodox Vaidhika Sangom
(The St.Thomas Orthodox Clergy Association)
The antecedents of the St.Thomas Orthodox Vaidhika Sanghom can be traced back to the period of St.Gregorios of Parumala. The Saint, whose organizational skills and vision for the Malankara Orthodox Church, were exceptional, called together the first meeting of the Church’s priests into an association. The time period being fraught with several internal and external problems, the clergy association was not an active force. It was revived again during the days of Joseph Mar Dionysius II, the founder of the M.D. Seminary and functioned with varying results. The objective for this association was to constitute a forum where the priests could interact with one another, discuss issues and relay them to the attention of the Holy Synod and collectively organize programmes for their welfare.
The more recent chapter of the Malankara Orthodox Church’s clergy association to further these goals can be placed in 1983 when the clergy were formally called together and proposed the name of the organization as The St.Thomas Orthodox Vaidhika Sanghom (The St.Thomas Orthodox Clergy Association). Its first meeting was held at the St.Peter’s & St.Paul’s Church, Parumala under the guidance of H.G.Dr.Paulos Mar Gregorios and was presided over by the then Catholicos, H.H. Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Mathews I. 
The meeting formally adopted a constitution and resolved the following:
H.G. Dr.Paulos Mar Gregorios would function as its president, while Fr.Dr.Mathew Vaidyan was named as its General Secretary. The Sanghom (STOVS) would be under the patronage of H.H. the Catholicos.
The Association would be constituted of all the ordained priests of the Malankara Orthodox Church in good standing in their respective dioceses or spiritual organizations (monasteries, Mission Board, MGOCSM).
A Clergy Endowment would be instituted to which all the members were to contribute a one-time donation of a month’s basic salaray.
STOVS would hold a general assembly meeting once every three years, and it would print a magazine to be called “The Purohithan” thrice a year (January, April and December) which would feature articles and bulletins of interest to the clergy.
The working of STOVS was to be guided by the President, two Vice-Presidents, the General Secretary, Joint Secretary and a Council, comprising of a diocesan Secretary and Clergy Association Secretary from each diocese. This body would meet periodically to review and plan the activities of the Sanghom.
Since its formal organization in 1983, STOVS has been functioning actively and  regularly to ensure that the Church’s clergy have a forum in which they can interact, which can interface with the Holy Synod to communicate important issues and to pursue their welfare. In an effort to meet these objectives STOVS conducts the following programmes:
Triennial General Assembly: This is the meeting that calls together all the priests of the Malankara Orthodox Church and is usually held at the Sts.Peter and Paul Church, Parumala once in three years, usually before the Feast of the Pentecost (May). The conference features a relevant theme of interest to the priests and its implications are discussed in various working groups. It major resolutions are them communicated to the Holy Synod for its consideration and decision.
Regional Meetings: A suggestion was proposed by the General Assembly in 1999 for regional meetings during the interim between the general body meetings for the priests to meet and discuss relevant issues. Accordingly, the dioceses in Kerala were grouped into five regions and regional conferences held at accessible churches.  The one-day meetings feature classes on theology, ministry and church history during the first part and a time for discussion of relevant issues during the second part. These meetings have elicited a very favourable response and widespread participation is seen from the priests of all dioceses.
The Purohithan: This journal, published thrice a year, includes articles by well-respected theologians, priests and professors on various issues, besides including bulletins of interest to the members. This widely respected and appreciated journal is available to all priests for a nominal subscription of Rs.50 per year. Click here to read the latest issue.
The Clergy Welfare Fund: This corpus, to which every member is to contribute a one-time donation of a month’s basic salary (which is to be paid in one sum or in installments), has been placed in a fixed deposit and the interest accruing is used to provide relief of the medical treatment of the priests and their immediate family members. The sums are disbursed upon an application being filled in, bearing the recommendation of the diocesan metropolitan and sent to the General Secretary. 
The following constitute the office-bearers of the Association at present:
H.G. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios Metropolitan 
Metropolitan of the Diocese of Kottayam
Kuriakose Mar Gregorios Diocesan Centre
Kottayam 686 001, Kerala
Tel:                0481-2564329      , 2304376
General Secretary
Rev.Fr. Thomas Varghese Amayil
Orthodox Theological Seminary
P.O.Box 98, Kottayam 686 001
Tel:             0481-2566526      ; Mob:             9496231833      , 996171846.
Joint Secretary
Rev. Fr. Zachariah Ninan
Mar Baselius Dayara, Njaliakuzhy
Kottayam, Kerala
Tel:             0481-2462629       Mob:             9495962966      
Diocesan Secretaries 
1. Ahembedabad
 Rev. Fr. Jacob Mathew  - Mob.09426829863, Email:   [email protected]
2. Angamaly
 Rev. Fr. K.K. Markose   - Mob.             9947351007      
3. Chennai
 Rev. Fr. Issac.    - Mob.             09840608922      ,  Email:   [email protected]
4. Delhi
 Rev. Fr. P.K. Thomas   - Mob.             09810625526      ,  Email:  [email protected]
5. Kandanad East
 Rev. Fr. Binoy    - Mob.             9495314833      
6. Idukki
 Rev. Fr. P.M. Thomas   - Mob.             9961148237      
7. Thumpamon 
 Rev. Fr. Varghese Kalickal   - Mob.             9446185959      
 Rev. Fr. Cherian T. Samuel (Jt. Sec)  - Mob:             9447413922       Email: [email protected]
8. Kollam
 Rev. Fr. M.M. Vaidhyan   - Mob.             9447243650      
9. Kunnamkulam
 Rev. Fr. Patrose Pulikottil   - Ph.04885-226061
10. Malabar
 Rev. Fr. Mathew. K.T.Koramala  - Mob.             9446251533      
11. Kandanad West  
 Rev. Fr. Abraham K. John (Jins)  - Mob.             9446216711      
12. Kochi
 Rev. Fr. Simon Joseph   - Mob.             9447010386       
13. Chengannur
 Rev. Fr. John Paul    - Mob.             9447884972      
 Rev. Fr. Y. Thomas    - Mob.             9495351959      
14. Kolkatha Diocese   
 Rev. Fr. Jacob Zachariah   - Mob.             07612420936      
15. Mumbai Diocese
 Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas   - Mob.             09869045747      , Email: fr.jacob [email protected]   
16. Niranam
 Rev. Fr. C.K. Kurian        - Ph.             0469-2688959      , Mob.             9495733534      
17. Mavelikara
 Rev. Fr. T.C. John    - Mob.             9656242182      
18. Sultan Bathery
 Rev. Fr. Baby John    - Mob.9961490914
19. Thiruvananthapuram
 Rev. Fr. Jacob C. Philip   - Mob:             9446973967      
20. Kottarakara-Punalur
 Rev. Fr. Titus John Thalavoor  - Mob.             9744867771      
21. Ranni-Nilackal
 Rev. Fr. Stephen V.A.   - Mob.             9495185699      ,             0468-2222042      
 Rev. Fr. Sam P. George (Jt. Sec) - Mob.             9447504629      ,             0468-2325104      
22. Adoor-Kadampanad
 Rev. Fr. Philipose Daniel  - Mob.             9447504771      
23. Trissur
 Rev. Fr. Sunny Pulikkakudiyil  - Mob:             9645024781      
24. Kottayam Central
 Rev. Fr. Mathew Koshy Modisseril  - Mob:             9447409452      
After the establishment of the Vaidika Sanghom (clergy association), everybody felt the need of an association where the wives of priests could also come together and share their views each other. Besides , in many parishes , priests staying in parsonages got more opportunities to interact with parish members. This supported the feeling that priests can be assisted more effectively by their spouses in parish ministry. With view following objectives were put forward for the functioning of this association.
Equip the beskyomos to give effective support to priests  in their parish ministry.
To educate priests’ wives to analyse the developments in church and society.
To help priests’ family to be good role models to other families of the parish.
To give sufficient knowledgeand training to Beskyomo so that they could give effective leadership in spiritual organizations like Sunday school women’s forum etc
This association was formally established in 1977 and late Paulose Mar Gregorios thirumeni was the first president. Abishop nominated by the H. Episcopal Synod used to be the presidentof MOBA. H.H. the Catholicos is the Patron. Currently H.G. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios  Mteropolitan is the president. There are two vice presidents, one priest and the other a beskyomo. Rev. Fr. George Mathew and Mrs. Marykutty mathews respectively hold this position. Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas is the present General Secretary and Mrs. Aleyamma Paulose is the current treasurer.
Every year, a two day conference is held at parumala preferably during summer vacation. Diocesan meetings are more frequent and priests’ family get-together  are also conducted on diocesan and district levels. Seminars, study classes, retreats, women’s issues, counseling, talent developmental programmes are some of the important functions of the association.
H. H. Baselios Marthoma Didymus I
H.G. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios
Vice – Presidents 
1. Rev. Fr. George Mathew
Kuttikandathil, Kumbazha. Ph: 0473 333542
2. Mrs Marykutty Mathew
Airoor Hill, Konni Ph: 0473-2343108
General Secretary
Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas
Oodathil, Ramapuram, Keerickad P. O, 690508
Ph:             0479 2472339      
Mrs Aleyamma Paulose 
Dissemination of knowledge, ideas and ideologies through Electronic media and TV Channels has become very popular today and it continues to gain wider acceptability. Orthodox Church is well aware of the impact of the scenario. It is highly essential that the Church shall think in terms of having an electronic mechanism to take its undiluted and uncorrupted text of pristine spiritualism to all viewers all around the world. Hence, we shall launch into the process of creating an Orthodox TV Channel for the church.
The Holy Episcopal Synod of the Orthodox Church which met at the Theological Seminary, Kottayam during 21 - 25 February, 2006 considered the Visuai Media Project proposal presented by Revd. Fr. T.J. Joshua. The Synod approved the proposal forming a small committee to work on it, with H.H. Baselius Marthoma Didymos I as the Parton, H.G: Thomas Mar. Athanasios (Synod Secretary) as the President, Revd. Fr. T.J. Joshua as the Director and Revd. Fr. Titus John Thalavoor as the Producer, giving the right to co-opt some more members. The Holy Synod was also appreciative that a tie-up has already been established with the Shalom TV channel gaining 'for us a permanent time slot from 9.30 pm to 10.00 pm on all Thursdays and 11.00 am to 11.30 am on all Tuesdays. The Synod was also appreciative that already 52 devotional talks by eminent Orthodox members have been put on broadcast.
It may seem a small step, but surely a giant leap forward. We must keep our Church identity and sustain the holistic value of our teaching and worship.
Divyasandesam- the visual media projectObjectives
To sustain and disseminate the uniqueness of the Orthodox worship
To filter down to the media savvy generation the essence of Christian faith
To make it open to all that the Church is in the forefront in the ministry of Evangelism
To ameliorate the stress and strain and agonies of all brethren through the touching Word of God
To renew the mandate for a Christ centered family life.
To inculcate in the Youth of the day the sanctity of Christian values
To make everyone resilient against social evils.
Executive Committee
1. H.G Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan President
2. H.G. Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios Metropolitan Vice President
3. Revd. Fr. T.J. Joshua Director
4. Revd. Fr. Titus John Producer
5. Revd. Fr. Saii Amayil Secretary
6. Prof. John Mathew Koodarathil Joint Secretary
7. Revd. Fr. PM. John Treasurer
8. Revd. Fr. Varghese Varghes Coordinator
9. Sri. Mathew Cherian Coordinator
10. Revd. Fr. Mohan Joseph Executive Committee Member
11. Revd. Fr. Biju Andrews Executive Committee Member
12. Revd. Fr. Biju T. Mathew Executive Committee Member
13. Sri. Thomas Kuthiravattom Executive Committee Member
14. Rev. Fr. M,P George Director to the Department of Music
15. Sri. Benny Kakkattu Director to the Department of Music
Many other Churches have already commenced and even monopolized the use of visual channels, in preaching the Gospel. And irrespective of church affiliations many people show a liking to watch these programmes. As a result of exposure to such programmes, especially those disseminating a protestant perspective, have begun to question, the authentic ancient and holy faith and traditions of the Church, believe that you all will extent your whole hearted cooperation to this project initiated by the Church to meet this challenge. Needless to say, the project envisages not only your cooperation but also your financial assistance. Those who desire to support this project financially can send their Cheque/Draft in favour of Divyasandesam, C/o. Revd. Fr. P.M. John (Treasurer), Plavilayil, Manjakala, Kollam - 691 508.
(A Visual Media Project of the Malankara Orthodox Church)
Catholicate Palace, Kottayarn - 686 038, Kerala, India
Telephones: +91-475-2328200, 9446184011 (Treasurer)
+91-94471 29846(Producer)
+91 -481-2576400,94471 55099(Jt. Secretary)
E-mail: [email protected]
Snehasandesam is a mobile missionary endeavor of Malankara Orthodox Church Mission Board for evangelization of India, spiritual awakening in the Church, social service and above all divinization of the whole humanity. It was started in 1993. We have visited 20 states in India and conducted above 2000 programmes till March 2007. We conduct three days programme in a parish or a place with the following items: Singing Christian songs with the help of musical instruments, preaching the Word of God by eminent preachers, House-visiting ministry, Public Gospel Meeting, Children-Youth Convention, Teaching the true faith of the Church, Counseling, Intercession and Dedication Service.
H. H. Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Didimos I, Catholics of the East
H. G. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan
H. G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrisostomos Metropolitan
Very Rev. Nathanael Remban
Fr. Oommen Paul
Music Director
Fr. M. P. George
Fr. Geevarghese K. K.Nallila
Team Members
Fr. Dr. O. Thomas
Fr. Dr. Mathew Vaidyan
Fr. Jacob Mathew
Fr. John Mathew
Fr. C. C. Kuriakose
Fr. Thomas John
Fr. John Varghese
Sri. C. V. Jose Edavattom
Sr. Sunil P. Koshy
Sri. Rajan, Nishad 
Response from the Participants:
I have participated Snehasandesam programme arranged in Delhi. It helped me to strengthen my faith, truly appreciate the responsibilities of my parish 
-Mrs. Sosamma Thomas, Jankpuri, Delhi
I participated in the Snehasandesam services arranged by our parish. It had changed my life a lot. No doubt this Holy Service influenced me very much. 
-Thomas John, Chembur, Mumbai
I feel quite proud about my church which arranged the Snehasandesam Services. I joined it happily. I wish it could make change in the lives of the believers. 
-Philip Chacko, Ernakulam
How can you help?
By praying for Snehasandesam.
By arranging Snehasandesam programme in your parish/place.
By financial support.
By sending your responses and advices.
Programmes  of Snehasandesam on April & May
April 28-30 - St. George Thrikanmangal
May 1, 2, 3  -  St. George Bethel, Nallila
       4, 5, 6 -  St. George, Perallasherry 
       7, 8     -  St . George, Vallikode, Kottayam
       11        -  Open Air Meeting
       18, 19, 20, 21 – St.George, Meeyannor
If any church/organizations would like  to conduct the programme of Snehasandesam please contact.
St. Paul's Mission Training Centre, Mavelikara-3, Kerala
Ph: 0479 2302473, 2342709, 9447564824
Email:  [email protected]
AMOSS is a movement working on the following objectives:
To give instructions to the altar boys of all parishes in the Malankara Church to make uniformity in the worship of the church and to serve systematically.
To mould people who have God’s grace, dedication, who follow spiritual & sacramental life, and who have worldly experience to reside as servants in the sacramental service of the holy church.
To train attendants to practice the holy church’s tradition and ritual service without any alteration and to perform it timely with all its meaning and value and to ordain and make them members of the church’s serving community.
The training to these altar boys is given under the supervision of “SRUTI” in the Kottayam Theological Seminary. The activities under AMOSS are:-
1.    Periodical training programmes at the diocese and zonal levels.
2.    Annual conferences aiming in the upliftment and encouragement of youngsters as the altar boys.
Now AMOSS have units in almost  all parishes.
Office Bearers:
President - Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios Metropolitan
Vice President - Fr. Thomas Andrews,
General Secretary - Sri. Jose Kurian Puliyeril
Co-ordinator - Fr. Shibu Kurian
For More Details Please contact
Akhila Malankara Orthodox Shushrushaka Sangham (AMOSS),
Orthodox Seminary,
Kottayam - 686 002,
Kerala, India
Phone:-             91 481 2585384      
e-mail- [email protected]
H.G. Petros Mar  Osthathis Metropolitan (1886 – 1968) was the founder of The Servants of the Cross , and the former Bishop of Malabar Diocese was born on 20th June 1886 , in the famous Mookkencheril family at Tripunithura , Ernakulam District . He was inspired by the student’s conference in 1908. His former name was M. P. Peter. In his childhood, M. P. Peter had interested in social as well as spiritual activities. His revolutionary ideas gave a fundamental outlook towards his attitudes. He was actively participated in vaikam sathyagraha. For his newly liberative ideas  he gave up his teacherhood . He was anointed as deacon in 1916. In 14th September 1924 , He established ‘The Servents Of The Cross’ for the upliftment of a separated and alienated classes in the society.  He anointed as Priest in 1926, He introduced the Dalit people as the Crown and the Happiness.  He had gained about 40,000 non christians from the lowest strata for Malankara Orthodox Church. He was appointed as the special officer of education department of Kochi Government. He was the first person who translate the Holy Qurbanas , Taksas , Promiyon and other prayers for Holy Services from Syriac to Malayalam . He anointed as Ramban in 1943. He accepted the Holy Bible, Cymbal, and the Lantern as the symbol of Servants of The Cross. In 1952, he had started a whole India Missionary journey for understanding and analyzing the Indian Society. On 15th May 1953, he was ordained as a Bishop and appointed to the Metropolitan of Malabar Dioceses on 2nd February 1968, he was entered into the heavenly kingdom of God. His tomb is placed in Carmel Dayara, Kandanad, Ernakulam district. Petros Mar Osthathios Metropolitan was a man of courage, confidence and with a empathetic attitude towards his fellow beings.
Presently, H.G.Zachariah Mar Anthonios is guiding the trust as its president (Bishop, Kochi Diocese). V. Rev. Semaoun Ramban, as its secretary. Sleebadasa Samooham and the Governing Body of Petros Mar Osthathios Memorial Charitable Society (Reg.No.ER. 106/2001) started a new way of missionary activities among the family of Sleebadasa Samooham .  More than 125 co-ordinators and seven fulltime missionaries working around kerala for the development of Sleebadasa Samooham.
V. Rev. Semaoun Ramban 
(N A M S)
H.G.Dr.Geevargghese Mar Osthathios             
M.T.C. Mavelikara              
Orthodox Church Quarters
Ulloor, Trivandrum
NAMS is a resource program of the church. In a Conference of the Mission Workers H.G.Dr.Geevarghese Mar Osthathios , Inaugurated N A M S on 28th December 1984 at Christu Sishya Ashram Tadagam , Coimbatoor. Prof. D. Mathews was appointed as Secretary.
This spiritual organization is working for the last twenty three years ,  conducted forty four conferences in different mission centers of India at Bangalore,Bombay ,Poona ,Delhi ,Bhilai ,Brambmavar , Goa etc. 43rd conference was in Holy Land .Published three books and a Directory fourth book is getting ready. Demanded an ambulance for Dayabhavan for the aids patience Rs 10 lakhs as FD, the interest of which is used for the salary of mission workers.  
Members are expected to :-
1. Conduct regular prayer and intercession every day set apart  for mission work attend bible classes , retreat and meetings of units attend regular conferences held at mission centers help and support annual mission  Sunday collection.
H.G. Dr. Geevargghese Mar Osthathios is the guiding force behind this as the president of  NAMS. Prof. D.Mathews is serving as the General Secretary and Prof .K. C . Mani is serving as the joint secretary. Five units are now very active and about 275 families are involved in the activities.
1.    Units
(a) Bangalore 
Dayabhavan is an institution functioning under the Malankara Orthodox Church Mission Board with H G Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios as President. While there are multiple projects being executed at Dayabhavan, the one project that deserves special mention on this World Aids Day, 2008, is the Dayabhavan Care and Support Centre for PLHA [People Living with HIV/AIDS].
Established in May 2006, the Dayabhavan Care and Support Centre has facilities to provide medical care, counseling services and rehabilitation for 10 PLHA. From the start until now, this facility has provided treatment to over 450 affected patients, with 248 patients this year from April until now. The staff at the centre includes two doctors, two counselors, four nursing staff, four outreach workers and two personal care attendants.
In early 2008, Malankara Orthodox Church Mission Board decided to expand the facilities at the centre to accommodate 20 patients at any given time and move from the temporary structure to a permanent one. Construction of new structure with over 3000 sq. ft. area is progressing well and will be operational after March 2009. While the centre doubles its capacity to treat PLHA, a corresponding doubling of the staff at the centre is also required. Dayabhavan solicits your prayers, support and contributions to take to completion the construction of the new Care and Support Centre and for ensuring its 
continuing services to the community.
You can help Dayabhavan Care and Support Centre by (a) Remembering us in your prayers (b) Contributing towards the construction of the centre –approximately Rs. 100,000 for each room at the centre (c) Donating for the running expenses of the centre (d) Spreading the word about the centre around in your communities seeking help from trained medical and support personnel to serve at the centre (e) Serving at the Dayabhavan for a period of time as per your convenience.
With the Grace of God and help and support from its well-wishers the other projects of Dayabhavan continue to progress well. These projects include (a) Dayabhavan Boys' Home – providing a home to 41 boys, uninfected children of PLHA (b) Tailoring Institute – providing vocational training and support to earn a livelihood for PLHA, to enable them to maintain dignity and security in life (c) Awareness – Development and distribution of publications [on HIV/AIDS] in English and Kannada at educational institutes and conducting awareness programs over the geographical area that Dayabhavan is located (d) 
Sanchalana – Capacity building training program for PLHA with the objective of developing the self-confidence, positive thinking and ability to integrate with mainstream society.
Donations can be made by Cheque/Draft in favour of St. Gregorios Dayabhavan at State Bank of Travancore, Tumkur OR Indian Overseas Bank, Tumkur.
Dayabhavan contact details:
Web site: www.dayabhavan.org
Email: [email protected]
Ph:             +91-8132-320909      ,             +91-8132-292680      
Paul Arieckal
Public Relations Officer
St. Gregorios Dayabhavan
Mr K C Raju
(b) Coimbatore 
Conducting regular Bible classes , prayer meeting retreats and social projects conducting Coimbatore Ecumenical convents every year
Mr.George Mathews 
(c) Kottayam 
Regular meetings and  classes involved in many social charity programs.
(d) Mavelikara 
Regular meetings and classes . Many Social services , prayer groups 
Very Rev.Nathanel Ramban
(e) Pathanamthitta 
Bible Classes and regular meetings involved in charitable work 
2. Junior NAMS is Conducting annual camps for boy’s every since 1998. follow up meetings are also arranged
Prof. John Kurian
3. 15 day’s vacation bible classes at St.Paul’s centre is supported by NAMS Prof. P.K.Kurian is serving as the co-ordinator
Mission Society and Mission Board
Orthodox Church which has been existing in India for the last two thousand years has started the mission society and mission board to fulfil its mission in India and hence to activate Indian Christianization. Our forefathers could declare the strong presence of God in the land through their witnessing life. From the time of St. Gregarious of Parumala itself organized missionary activities were there in India. In the time of H. G. Pathrose Mar Osthathios, mission among the gentiles became very active. But by the formation of Mission society and Mission Board the Christian mission was taken up by the Church as a whole. The Society initiates and leads mission centres all over India. Kalhandi in Orissa is a place where a lot of people die of starvation. Balagrams are functioning under Mission Board at four places in Kalhandi. Education for poor children, works among the illiterate who lives in the woods, dispensaries which provides medical assistance etc are some of the field of activities there. Yacharam St. Gregorios Balagram in Andhra Pradesh, the eye clinic associated with it, St George Balikagram in Pune, Itarsy Balagram, Karasseri Karunya Bhavan in TamilNadu, etc are all functioning efficiently. These centres extend education and medical assistance to the neighboring villages also. 
Not only that, the centre teaches Orthodox faith to the Christians there and equips them for missionary works in the villages around. The Bhilai Maccodia mission works efficiently in the field of education and rural development in North India. St Gregorios Daya Bhavan near Bangalore looks after children of AIDS patients. The palliative Care Centre attached to Daya Bhavan is working to give peace and hope to the dying aids patients "Sneha Sandesam" is a traveling Gospel project which works in Indian evangelization and for the spiritual development of the faithful. More than one thousand five hundred programme has been conducted across sixteen states of India. NARSOC is an associated organization which is formed to give assistance to those who are suffering from natural disasters. At the time of the earthquake of Gujarat and tsunami the organization took initiative in rehabilating hundreds of people. There are only a few among the various activities of the Mission Board. 
The board is trying to start new projects in various states of India. H. H the Catholics in the president of the mission society and H. G. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios is the president of the Mission Board. H. G Philipose Mar Eusebios and H. G. Yuhanon Mar Chrisostomos are the co-presidents. Prof. D. Mathews is the treasurer of the society and Very Rev. Nathaniel Ramban is the secretary.
Medical college P. O., Thiruvananthapuram -11 PH: 0471 445543
This centre provides guidance, shelter, food and treatment to patients especially cancer patients, who come to Trivandrum for treatment. A maximum number of seventy five people can stay here at one time
Kattela, Srikariyam, Thiruvananthapuram -17 PH: 0471 596418
An institution which takes in patients with incurable diseases like cancers, who have been rejected treatment from hospitals.
St. Gregorios mission centre PH: 0471 283049
Spreading the message of Christianity and giving training in various jobs to poor, non-Christian villagers are the main aims of this institution.
PH: 0471 224603
A shelter home for children who face difficulties – both financial and psychological – due to the death of their father or mother. Eighteen children are being educated here at present.
MAF has been successfully providing financial aid for conducting marriages of poor women.
Founded in 1973, SAF works for patients with financial difficulties giving them means to undergo treatment. SAF which holds a prominent position among the charity establishments of the Orthodox church, has been working among the needy, irrespective of their religion or caste.
A project which was started after the heart surgery of the president, His grace Geevarghese Mar Osthathios in 1992. Contributions received are used for the treatment and surgery needs of deserving candidates.
PH : 0479 302473
The traveling gospel unit of the Malankara Orthodox Church for which the Mavelikara Mission centre acts as the main centre ; it was started in 1993 spreading gospel in India helping in the rejuvenation of the soul conducting conventions for children and youth, undertaking quick relief measures during calamities helping and protecting the poor and needy etc., are some of the goals of the unit. The services of this unit were made available to more than 1000 centres within and outside Kerala.
PH : 0479 302473 
Founded in 1953 as St. Pauls Vayomic missionary centre, it became the official missionary training centre of orthodox church. Aiming at spreading Christianity in India, this centre conducts three year diploma courses, vocational Bible classes, seminars, Bible classes and conferences. The offices of Malankara Sabha mission board. Snehasadanam and Bhavana Nirmana Sahaya Nidhi also works in this centre.
HARIPAD P. O., ALAPPUZHA, PH : 0479 412764 
Successfully working due to the sincere co- operation of fifteen churches under the west zone of Niranam diocese, this centre concentrates on missionary activities along the costal areas. Under the guidance of this constitution, conferences, meeting and study classes are organised. In 1978 St. Thomas Balabhavanam was started which runs along with this institution, 26 children are residing here at present. The mission centre also runs a Book depot and a Computer centre.
KARUKACHAL P. O. -686 540 PH: 0481 486384
An institution which provide shelter and education to poor and orphaned children, irrespective of their religion or caste. Around twenty two children are staying here at present.
CHEPPAD P. O. - 690 507
PH : 0479 474182
Started on 24th August, 1994 by 15 churches under Niranam diocese, the foundation gives shelter to old people who has nobody else to turn to presently eight people are staying here including five men and three women
TIRUVALLA, PH : 0473 600158
Bathanya Bhavan works as the main office of Sthree Samajam at Niranam diocese. The institution takes care of old helpless women. There are fifteen women residing here at present.
Concentrates on charity works
Takes care of patients with malignant disease who have been rejected treatment and care from Hospitals
Takes care of handicapped males
A job training centre which gives training to poor youth in various jobs
PH : 0495 235017
There are fourteen nuns and thirty five girls in this institution. These girls stay here and undergo proper education. St. Pauls Balikabhavan in Dehu Road, Pune is run by the nuns of the St. Pauls convent. They offer their services to various spiritual groups and hospitals.
Build in scenic areas of Puthuppady in Malabar, St. Pauls was started in 1958. Taking inspiration from the dedication and the working style of early missionary establishments, St. Puls ids trying to bring a new energy in to the realm of preaching in India, thereby making it more efficient. Sixty children are being educated here at present. The Asramam also supervises the working of MGM school, MGM Hospital and St. George church. There are twenty one members in this institution.
This centre adopts the unaffected children of parents suffering from leprosy – Established in 90 acres, this centre is home to 105 children who are being educated. A Hospital with 60 beds and an eye hospital which was established in 2002, also runs successfully within the compound. These Hospitals are a huge relief for the poor patients of the nearby villages. In order to provide better career opportunities for the children, Baselius Mathews II ITC has also been started.
BANGLORE – 560099 PH : 080 8561975
The Bangalore unit of the National Association for mission studies which works under the Malankara Sabha mission board started NAMS on 25th December 1994. The unit provides shelter, education, and job opportunities for poor children. Thirty five children are being taken care at present.
Established on 3rd July 1991 in Karassery near Tirunelveli in the holy name of his grace Mar Gregorios of Parumala, the centre adopts unaffected chidren of parents suffering from leprosy. The centre also takes up charity work. Around 60 children are staying here at present.
P. B. NO. 1, DEHU ROAD P. O., PUNE , PH : 020 7671066
Started in 1993 this unit takes in unaffected female children of parents suffering from leprosy. Around thirty children are staying here now. Along with this a school St. George is also being run successfully.
P. B. NO. 45, MADHYAPRADESH, PH: 07572 73940
This institution is situated in Riselopur village (near the Bhopal –Nagpur highway) in 8. 5 acres. It was started to take care of unaffected male children of leprosy patients. Thirty five students are living here at present. Efforts are being taken to provide better treatment facilities and job opportunities
Kalhandi district in Orissa has the highest number of deaths due to hunger. This project was started aiming at the overall development of the people of this district, who suffer from illness, poverty, hunger and illiteracy. Under this project one Hospital, four satellite dispensaries, a mobile clinic, a balagram and many balawadies has been established. Thirty children are living here at present.
In order to speead the message of gospel and separate and train those dedicated to God’s work, H. G. Dr. Geevarghse Mar Osthathios established those groups while he was a deacon.
ST. PAUL’S MISSION CENTRE, MAVELIKARA-3, PH: 0479 302473, 342709
In order to fulfill the mission and goals of the church in a meaningful manner, the Holy Synod established these institutions. The main functions of these units include conducting classes and seminars in order to attain the goals of the church establishing mission centre in all diocese, training people who work for the mission, spreading gospel through the media, books, pamphlets, relief works, worship centres, charity works etc.,
This project was started in order to provide financial aid to poor homeless people to build houses. People with properly but no homes are the ones who receive the benefits of this society. 
Apart from this, there is yet another houses building project under this unit. Through this project, parishes, diocese, centres and individuals work together to build homes for the poor.
This establishment was founded in order to give financial aids for establishing shelter homes for poor and orphaned children there by providing them better living condition and care
Established in 1984, it’s first meeting was conducted in Tadakam Ashramam creating awareness among the believers about the mission, conducting studies about the mission etc are the main functions of the mission. Many units of NAMS are working inside and outside Kerala
A project initiated by His Grace Osthathios Tirumeni to provide primary education to at least some children among the 82 lakh illiterate children in the villages of India. It was established in 1993
Creating awareness about their duty among believers, giving information about the mission and it’s activities, stating the stand of the church in various current issues etc are main functions of this publication.
MAVELIKARA -3, PH : 0479 302473
A bulletin which publishes the details regarding the relief works undertaken by the church during natural calamities, expenses and income incurred with respect to these works. These bulletins have been published so far with regard to the relief works conducted during the natural calamity in the costal areas of Andra Pradesh in 1979, the famine in Africa and the cyclone in Orissa.
A group which was formed in order to undertake quick relief measures while faced with crisis like natural calamities contagious diseases famine etc., Also the construction and effective running of mission hospitals, orphanages, Balawadies, Oldage Homes, rehabilitation centres for handicapped and mentally challenged people are some of the other important mission of this unit.
This Is the fourteenth Report of the House Building Assistance Scheme of the Malankara Orthodox Church for the period from 01.04.2005 to 31.03.2006.
During the period under report the House Building Assistance Scheme of the Church continued to be administered by the Central Committee constituted for the purpose with H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mithews II, the Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan as the Patron and H.G. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan, Niranam Diocese as, President vide Kalpana, No. 43/2003 dated 14.02.2003.
The names of the other members of the Committee are given below.
1 . Dr. Alexander Karakkal (Association Secretary)
2. Sri. P C Abraham (Lay Trustee)
3. Rev. Fr. O. Thomas (Priest Trustee)
4. V Rev. Jacob Mannaraprayil Cor-episcopa
5. Rev.Fr. Thomas Johnson
6. Rev.Fr. K.P Issac
7. Rev.Fr. Jacob Zachariah
8. Rev.Fr. T.J. Alexander
9. Sri. Jiji Thomson ULS
10. Sri. Cherian P Koshy
11. Sri. PM. Paily Pillai
12. Sri. Mathai Mampallil
13. Prof S Ninan
14. Prof. K.C. George
15. Prof Jacob Kurian Onattu
16. Sri. Mathew Veerappallil
17. Sri. VG. Koshy
18. Sri. A.X Thomas (Convener)
Over and above the Central assistance given to 2440 beneficiaries during the, previous year an amount of Rs. 1360000 was given to 136 applicants as Central assistance during the year under report. At this juncture it may kindly be noted that so far an amount of 
Rs.14342000 has been utilized as Central share alone for the 2576 houses selected and constructed under the scheme. The total receipts and payments under the scheme for the year 2005-2006 are shown as Appendix I.
As was done previously the, 136 recipients of the scheme for the, period under the report  were selected from various dioceses and the Central assistance at the rate of Rs. 10000/- per house was given through the Diocesan Metropolitan concerned. As per the provisions of the scheme, the balance cost of the house amounting to Rs. 30000 namely three fourth
of the cost has been met by the beneficiary, the Parish and the Diocese. It may be seen from the receipts and payments accounts furnished in the report that the major part of the finances for the scheme came from the corpus funds from Parumala Church and the interest accrued out of the balance left from previous years. Here again it is worth mentioning that the gracious grant received from the West Phalia Church of Germany, originally at the beginning of the scheme and the balance that was unused is still continuing to assist the successful continuation of the scheme.
It is a fact that the Central Committee in the recent meeting held during the month of June, 2006 have raised the estimated cost of the building to be constructed as Rs.50000/- from Rs.40000/-and as such the central assistance at Rs. 12500 per house is to be paid from this year onwards. Also it has been decided that during the current year not less than 120 houses are expected to be constructed for which Rs.15/- lakhs is required for meeting the central share. As it is a fact that the said amount is expected to be raised as donation from individuals and institutions, all concerned are requested to render maximum help in this regard. In this connection it is expected that all the members of the Orthodox Church especially the members of the committees at various levels will do their utmost for the continuance of the scheme in the most efficient manner as it is a felt need of the public at large.
It is noted with deep satisfaction and gratitude that the valuable guidance and directions given in this regard by H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews 11, former Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan and H.G. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan, Niranam Diocese, the Patron and Presidentof the House Building Assistance Scheme respectively, were of great help, for the successful implementation of the scheme.

ARDRA Charitable Society
The Rationale
In these days of sick hurry and divided aims, life is not a cakewalk, a bed of roses for anyone. Yet a sizeable section of our species, including us, have been compensated with blessings galore - good health, material prosperity, recreational facilities, intellectual pursuits, social life et al. Our Heavenly Creator wants us to thank Him for all these blessings not through mere lipservice, but through love and compassion for our less privileged brethren. Compassion in action - that is what Ardra stands for.
Etymologically derived from the Sanskrit word Ardra - Ardram in Malayalam - the name means compassion, fellow-feeling or sorrow for the sufferings of another. Ardra strives to help the poor and needy by providing primary necessities, education, medical care, job-training, marriage assistance, employment etc. This charitable society derives its inspiration from our Lord whose compassion towards suffering humanity was boundless. The one who loved us with an everlasting love has often called upon us to translate our love and pity into deeds, into meaningful gestures.
The Society
Formed in August 2001, Ardra is under the direct patronage of H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan. Registered (No. K. 451) under the provision of Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 12 of 1955 with its head office at Kottayam, Ardra is a non-profit charitable organisation operating throughout India.
The Aim
Ardra aims to work for the educational, social, cultural, spiritual and economic     advancement of the marginalised people of India .-respective of caste, creed or  community.
Programmes and Projects
Engage in charitable and social service activities to help the poor and the needy.
Promote education at all levels and improve quality of education among the people in general, and minorities and backward classes in particular.
Establish educational, technical, professional and commercial institutions, job training centres and adult education centres.
Establish hospitals, clinics, 'laboratories, ambulance services, hostels, orphanages, libraries and reading rooms, old age homes and homes for the handicapped.
Establish and administer agricultural farms, village and cottage industries and other industrial enterprises, encourage self employment and provide job, opportunities to the unemployed.
Influence the decision-making process at various government levels in favour of marginalised and powerless masses regardless of caste, creed or political allegiance.
Establish centres for counselling and promote moral and spiritual values among the public.
 Long Term Priorities
Home for the homeless.
Marriage assistance for the poor.
Treatment help for poor patients.
Self-employment for widows and destitutes.
Palliative care for terminally sick patients.
Disaster management and training.
Counselling and de-addiction centres.
Educational aids and assistance to students.
Career guidance and job training centres.
Centres of excellence in various career lines.
Short Term Priorities
Treatment for the needy poor.
Distribution of life saving drugs.
Establishing human organ banks and blood banks.
Providing artificial limbs to the disabled.
Starting Ardra Goodwill Shops in main centres.
Membership is offered to individual men and women, who have attained 18 years of age, on paying a life membership fee of Rs. 1,0501-, and submitting the application in the prescribed forms. All membership applications have to be approved by the committee.
All applications for membership will be considered for approval in the following committee meeting.
The committee has the right to reject any application without assigning any reason and its decision thereon shall be final.
If an application is rejected, the amount paid shall be refunded.
A membership card will be issued to the member along with the certificate of membership.
Contact Us
Catholicate Office , Devalokam P O
Kottayam, Kerala, India-686038
Tel : ++91-481-578060,578234,578499
Email: [email protected]

Department of Human Resource Management
His Holiness Baselious Marthoma Didymus I has graciously taken a positive step to activate the Department of Human Resource Management of our Church. Though the department had been functioning in an organized manner, somehow it became defunct over the years. It is a glad news that now a full time office has been opened at the Catholicate Aramana exclusively for the HRM.
1. To seek and find out the potentialities of our Church members and fruitfully utilize them for the growth and development of the Church.
2. To organize periodic meetings, seminars, camps, workshops and other programs on a central and/or regional level. 
3. To identify the exceptionally brilliant students in our Church and give them ample opportunities and platform for their growth. 
4. To provide all possible assistance including financial help for the talented but financially weak students.
5. To organize and conduct various orientation classes and programs for the upcoming and aspiring candidates in various professional fields.
6. To avail the professional competence of our Church members in different realms of activity of the Church.
7. To create and maintain a database at the Church headquarters of all our Priests and members.
We hope that with the blessings of the Almighty, the patronage and prayer of His Holiness the Catholicos and our bishops and with the whole hearted support and co-operation of our reverend priests and all our beloved people across the globe, we shall be able to edify a well organized and well-knit Human Resource Department in our Church. You are welcome to send us your valuable suggestions and comments on this matter. Our e-mail ID [email protected]
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