There are some house owners that they don’t want to let the birds stay in the tree as most of them would eat the fruits and the different parts of the tree which will result to unpleasant fruit and the tree would not look very good. You can ask something to the tree service Norfolk as they might have the best ways to help you and they will make sure that you won’t hurt the birds and the trees at the same time. You know the possible effects of having too much trees and there is your driveway as well there, then the poop of the bird will be falling to your car and there is a chance that you need to keep it clean before using it and the worst thing here is if you are in a hurry and you need to be on time for your meeting there.  

You need to remember that you don’t have the exact time on when the bird will be there and that is the worst thing because you could not guarantee that they will go away after a couple of hours and days of staying there. It will be an additional work for you to clean their dirt not only to the surface of your car but also to the surface of the driveway and sometimes it is very hard to remove especially when it becomes too dry there and was left there for a longer time. We all know the importance of the bird to our nature but of course, you can get rid them without killing them or hurting them but you could do some ways that you can give to them like having a tree nearby where you can use this one for them to stay.  

There are many reasons on why the birds would stay there and we can give you some of the things that you could do and you need to remember next time so that it would not cause you any trouble and problems.  

One of the reasons is about the water sources where they could drink and you know that most of the birds would want to stay in a place that is very cool and they like drinking water because of the water temperature and the birds don’t want to be thirsty. It is nice to place this one in your garden especially when you have a fountain so that you can you maintain the coolness of the ambiance and the overall atmosphere of the place.  

Another reason is that you have some fruit trees there where they could get their food sources and there is nothing wrong when it comes to this matter. You can have some many ways to get rid of them like trimming the trees and the branches of the parts. You can hire professional people to see the condition of the place and the trees so that they would give an action in order to prevent them from staying there.